Peace Talks

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Peace Talks:Spring 2014

Peace Talks:Winter 2013

Peace Talks:Spring 2013

Peace Talks Winter 2012

Peace Talks: Spring 2012

Peace Talks: Winter 2011

Peace Talks: Spring 2011

Peace Talks: Autumn 2010

Peace Talks: Spring 2010 

Peace Talks: Autumn 2009

Who We Support

We support victims of conflict and terrorism and veterans, enabling them to use their traumatic experiences to do something positive and to move forward with their lives. We support young people to turn away from violence, and we work to build stronger communities without prejudice and discrimination. Read more »

Get Involved

There are lots of ways that you can make a difference to those people and communities affected by conflict and terrorism. Even a £5 gift will make a big difference to our programmes to support veterans, or a £10 gift will support our programmes working with young people to prevent future violence. Read more »

Our Case Studies

“My first contact with the Foundation was in 2009. I had a novel published that year, about a man’s struggle to recover from the trauma of a terrorist bomb. An article about the book appeared in the Warrington Guardian, and the Foundation team contacted me as a result. I called in, met with the team and..." Read more »
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