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What We Do

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The Foundation works nationally to support those affected by terrorism and conflict. With over 20 years of experience, we believe that addressing the causes of violence before, during and after conflict situations is the most effective way possible to promote peace. Our projects and programmes work within three main areas; prevention, resolution and response. 



Bearing in mind that prevention is often better than the cure, we support young people to turn away from violence. Through our Think project, we work with young people to reduce their susceptibility to extremism, helping them to develop the skills needed to consider carefully the consequences of their actions. We also look towards the important role of women in preventing violent conflict, working with them to explain how they can positively influence others to prevent violent extremism.



In local communities throughout the United Kingdom and beyond, immigration and economic strains are being increasingly connected, leading to polarisation and potentially violent conflict. We envisage a society where differences are embraced, not feared. In this way, we provide neutral platforms for safe and productive dialogue. We therefore tackle head on some ‘difficult conversations’, using the ideas proposed by participants in our projects to promote a ‘counter-narrative’ of peace, inclusion and equality.



Throughout our history, we have found that the lasting impact of violent conflict on individuals and groups had not previously been properly addressed. We aim to help all those affected, from veterans to those drawn into conflict, with the added hope that they may in turn become advocates of promoting peace as well. By delivering programmes for families and individuals affected by violent conflict, we hope to break the cycle of violence through providing the assistance that they want or need to ‘cope and recover’.  


How we work

The Foundation's programmes encompass six broad areas of work. Using practice based research and conflict transformation theory, the Foundation equips people with skills to use their experiences positively and to effect change for themselves and their communities. Find out more about how we work


Meet the Team

We have a dedicated and talented team who all contribute and work together to make our vision possible, both in delivering our charitable objectives and keeping our wonderful Peace Centre open and running. Read more »

Get Involved

There are lots of ways that you can make a difference to those people and communities affected by conflict and terrorism. Even a £5 gift will make a big difference to our programmes to support veterans, or a £10 gift will support our programmes working with young people to prevent future violence. Read more »


“My first contact with the Foundation was in 2009. I had a novel published that year, about a man’s struggle to recover from the trauma of a terrorist bomb. An article about the book appeared in the Warrington Guardian, and the Foundation team contacted me as a result. I called in, met with the team and..." Read more »
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